Assbutts and Angels


Living with a dog is like having a furry drunk person following you around all the time.

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requested by Leo
video here

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Kellan Lutz for GQ Style Germany

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That is the face of a man who understands the damage he’s caused

That is the face of a man who understands the damage he’s caused

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Kellan Lutz by Andrea Marino

Kellan Lutz by Andrea Marino

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And we owe it all to our great and glorious captain.

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Alright Persephone, time with the hubbie is up get your ass out of the Underworld so we can have spring.


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Brb crying

Do You Want To Build A Snowman - Kristen Bell

Omg I love her🙈

Oh my god. OHMY. feels.

I literally just finished this movie for the first time ever, about 10 minutes ago and I loved it.

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Tom Hiddleston by Greg Williams [8x UHQ] (5616x3744)

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